Saturday, January 29, 2011

10 basic designs

 These are ten designs that I have completed using the information we during the first class. This was my first venture into the world of photoshop- and so the results were pretty interesting.

After some layering and playing with a few different brush settings I got the rubber duck to breath fire (Kinda.)

With this design I focused on experimenting with the brushstrokes and the flexibility of digital layering. 

Here I found a back ground image and added two rubber ducks.

This was by far the piece that was the most process based design that I came up with.
I layered a few brush strokes and added some filters to create the overall composition. 

Here I looked at adjusting the sizes of the brush storks to create a sort of distorted feel to the image. It sort of reminded me of depth of field in photography.  

This was probably one of my favorite ones to make. I enjoy the process of painting and studying the results. So when I use a program like photoshop its great the the pigments are free and hypothetically never ending. So it gives me the ability to discover new brushstrokes.

This design was a return to the background that had intrigued me. I enjoy paper-cutting so it was fun to get to experiment with the way that the photo reacted. 

This was a departure from the work above, I found the ability to build up layers digitally allowed for different approaches to the image than what I am used to.

This design was an interesting study with moving preexisting images and building up a sort of expressive context for them to exist in.

This final design was a fun throw back for myself and some friends. A logo for a film production company that used to exist among me and my friends in high school.