Monday, May 9, 2011


The end of the year gave birth too three compositions each consisting of a few images I captured with a few different cameras. the series is supposed to represent the experience I have faced in the last six months and the growth that we all hope to reach by the ending of the course.  

This first one is a color photo of four monkeys. I felt like this encapsulates the feeling of a critique environment,very sustained and subdued with a hint visual captivity. 

Here with the second composition I have made a composite that was made from a combination from a roll of black and white film that I was able to feed through toy camera. The resulting exposures were a bit hazy and carried a dream-like quality to the mies-en-scene. This scene represents the exposure to the so called "big" city that is Memphis. 

This final arrangement was taken from a collection that was taken from a road trip that was taken thought the backwoods of Northwest Arkansas. The discovery of an old war aircraft base and what seemed like ghosts from a transition era in the countries history. 


  1. I actually liked it better printed (colors seemed better blended) The guy on the bottom stands out a little much. The first one the phone or whatever the hand is holding is really distracting. I wished it could come down a tone or two.

  2. Nice imagery; it's uniquely composed. I like the experimental approach you took to gathering the imagery and creating these.