Monday, May 9, 2011


The end of the year gave birth too three compositions each consisting of a few images I captured with a few different cameras. the series is supposed to represent the experience I have faced in the last six months and the growth that we all hope to reach by the ending of the course.  

This first one is a color photo of four monkeys. I felt like this encapsulates the feeling of a critique environment,very sustained and subdued with a hint visual captivity. 

Here with the second composition I have made a composite that was made from a combination from a roll of black and white film that I was able to feed through toy camera. The resulting exposures were a bit hazy and carried a dream-like quality to the mies-en-scene. This scene represents the exposure to the so called "big" city that is Memphis. 

This final arrangement was taken from a collection that was taken from a road trip that was taken thought the backwoods of Northwest Arkansas. The discovery of an old war aircraft base and what seemed like ghosts from a transition era in the countries history. 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Indesign Projects

The first is a design that was made using works assigned by Dwayne Butcher.

The next photos are of my own work. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Logos Reworked

These are the logos that I reworked. Illustrator is kind of a difficult to get used to working with. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sample Animation from Class

This is just a silly attempt to animate. It was a bit difficult getting things to spin and grow. I think the cross fades that are standard when transitioning using Tween kinda throw me. I guess I just need to invest some times into getting everything just right.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Biggie Smalls

Here is a link to the song that I am basing some of my research on. I went through and selected a few of the lyrics to make into mottos for my bills. I couldn't quite use all of the rules in the manual. The ones I chose are sort of abstract versions of a few of them.

Money Up Date 2-21-11

These are two of my layouts that I have gotten to a more finished point. I have been thinking about maybe having negative space on the print itself. Just a box or other shape cut out of one of the section of the bills that. I think it will bring unity between the front and the back of the bill. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Light altering class work

For this in class exercise I had a bit of fun experimenting with the way brush storks in Ps effected the photographs we were given to work with. 

This first one became an attempt at a day for night sort of set up. At first I focused on balancing some of the tones in the background, then I thought it would be interesting to attempt and make the scene a night scene. Looking at it as a thumbnail though the highlights seem unnatural for a night scene. 

This image was a bit interesting when I first approached it with curves, it seemed to be a bit muddy. Overall this image was fun to alter, the colors were difficult to figure out though. The brushes are a bit to get used too. 

This image was a fun. First the sky and the foreground were very opposing contrasts one overpowering the other. I had some fun with this one though and included what is supposed to be a flying object in the background. We have all wondered about the aliens at one point or another, so I figured why not.

FInally here is yellowstone. I don't know how successful this one is, but I did enjoy getting to tackle a valley sort of landscape. the development and overall product were satisfying. 

Currency Project

The next assignment in class is to create 12 designs for currency. 
Whenever denomination for currency are made they have to be functional. I will stick with denominators that are applicable to the things one would buy presently. I will design plans (front and back) for five of the denominations- ones, fives, tens, twenties, twenty fives. Then I will make a front and back design for a one hundred dollar bill.  As for format I will deviate from the longer rectangular layout to a more square-ish pose. Also as a slogan for the bills instead of dead languages or mottos that most are not too agreeable, I will include a few of the ten crack commandments by biggie smalls. I think they are quite applicable here. I have included in this post four examples of bills that I will reference while making these bills.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

10 basic designs

 These are ten designs that I have completed using the information we during the first class. This was my first venture into the world of photoshop- and so the results were pretty interesting.

After some layering and playing with a few different brush settings I got the rubber duck to breath fire (Kinda.)

With this design I focused on experimenting with the brushstrokes and the flexibility of digital layering. 

Here I found a back ground image and added two rubber ducks.

This was by far the piece that was the most process based design that I came up with.
I layered a few brush strokes and added some filters to create the overall composition. 

Here I looked at adjusting the sizes of the brush storks to create a sort of distorted feel to the image. It sort of reminded me of depth of field in photography.  

This was probably one of my favorite ones to make. I enjoy the process of painting and studying the results. So when I use a program like photoshop its great the the pigments are free and hypothetically never ending. So it gives me the ability to discover new brushstrokes.

This design was a return to the background that had intrigued me. I enjoy paper-cutting so it was fun to get to experiment with the way that the photo reacted. 

This was a departure from the work above, I found the ability to build up layers digitally allowed for different approaches to the image than what I am used to.

This design was an interesting study with moving preexisting images and building up a sort of expressive context for them to exist in.

This final design was a fun throw back for myself and some friends. A logo for a film production company that used to exist among me and my friends in high school.